World Gasket products are known as the best and most reliable alternative to original spare parts, and they make up a wide range of gaskets, hydraulic and engine kits for earthmoving machinery.

The efficiency World Gasket achieves and the continuous availability of all the products in its range always ensure immediate delivery.

The experience World Gasket have had since ever in the various sectors strengthened the leadership of World Gasket brand in the market of spare parts for earthmoving equipment. Quality, service and competitive prices portray its principal goals.

Ellegi is a partner and main gaskets supplier of all OEM manufacturers and of the automotive, sanitary, pneumatic, oil-pressure, mechanical, electrical-appliance, food, gas and pharmaceutics industries.

The wide range of gaskets offered by Ellegi such as moulded gaskets, precision-cut and sheared gaskets, compounds, metal and ptfe gaskets, head gasket, exhaust gaskets and rotary shaft seals, can face the most difficult and critical applications and circumstances.

Here below is the detailed range designed and produced by Ellegi:

-Moulded gaskets
-O-ring elastomers
-Silicone o-rings
-Moulded thermoplastic and polyurethane gaskets
-Homogeneous rubber gaskets
-Elastomeric and polyurethane o-rings
-Extruded and precision-cut elastomeric seals
-Precision-cut, flat gaskets made of asbestos-free materials and graphite
-High temperature metal seals
-Homogeneous and composite seals
-Piston seals
-Hydraulic seals
-Extruded and spliced gaskets
-PTFE seals
-Rotary shaft seals
-Moulded seals
-Anti-vibration mounts
-Back-up rings
-Pneumatic seals
-Standard o-rings
-Rod seals
-Wear rings
-U-cup seals
-Lip seals
-Head gaskets
-Rubber mouldings